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With us people there can be wealth of the life: For this is also included joy of life. Unfortunately, poverty, also intellectual poverty, still is very spread with us people. Despite our differences there are meaningful things in common at equipment of our life like the general talent, the life wills, the teachability. This is also a suitable orientation for our education. A convincing foundation, why we need all humane education, is possible without information flood with education theories: Our abilities arise by learning from our talent. Without the possibilities of learning our talent is stunted. In our egocentric natural state arises without learning or by unsatisfactory humane education self-preservation of against each other, of existing naturally. This is a minimum in the human life anyway: more or less merely existing. Or does this sufficiently correspond to our life? Probably our talent for the intellectual life comes off badly.

In the human life this defect, this minimum reduces the joy of life. The lack of intellectual life is a minimum with us people in which many are poor, social poorly, and poor to the joy of life. With other living beings there isn't our poverty. Their talents, their life possibilities develop like by themselves, develop in a suitable environment by themselves. What they have to learn, result also like by themselves.
The man history was apparent in a long past history more natural history than history of civilization. Obviously the people could already learn in the predominant natural state of our past history - also for existing predominantly. Perhaps there was more or less existing bare naturally for a long time. Was this approximately our start in the natural minimum? Retrospective our past history seems like a natural minimum.

Our history was already for long time also history of civilization, too. In the comparison a looking for ways from different directions results to the history of civilisation out from the minimum, of bare existing. After and after arrives when learning, the intellectual life, the humane life, the joy for life. Is this our way from our past history as a natural history to more wealth of the life as a history of civilization? Even our work in nature became more and more a culture. Actually this already belongs together in the idea of beginning: Cultivation of the fields, soil management (our work in nature: Floor culture) and care of the intellectual goods (spirit culture).
One judged and one treated in newer time culture, spirit culture as a superstructure in our history. This is too little! After and after we come to the humane culture, also to the culture of the humane love. We overcome this way the minimum of bare existing of and the impoverishment by against each other. In this minimum we lack much what we need for a philanthropic life.
We need a humane culture, culture as an intellectual life, culture of the love for a philanthropic life. Wealth of the life is part of us people. This was already awarded to us people for a long time: In humane culture, in the culture of the love is realized much of the wealth of the life.