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Our whole life has many sides. Unfortunately, there also are dark sides up to the side from which a poet says "man in his illusion". Many of us know this as literature but in reality what is this? Did we have to experience first the 20th century with two World Wars, with political mass murders, with the possibility of the destruction of all people or perhaps all life equipped technically - so that this other side becomes conscious for us of our history? Perhaps we should more listen to the poet and some others anyway: "Man in his illusion!" Where and when do we learn that there is this? This topic really should be a main chapter to learn our history and learn from the history. "Man in his illusion" also is represented as a world history and as a worldwide fun with the following serious illness, with millions of a deceased young person, with many child families because the parents are on the cemetery. These are only few sentences from the other side On the whole side one writes: Wars again and again; power struggle of some persons against the liberty and the peace of the people; dissipations as an apparent fun with much humane impoverishment, with much illness and death.

Sometimes we are frightened up to the speechlessness, cause which sorrow natural disasters. To this we have already learned something. This then turn out more and more and again and again at fast worldwide help. We can often already not prevent but we have learned the emergence of natural disasters with our power to cope with the consequences near and far. "Man in his illusion" can seem worse than natural disasters. Do we have to learn something essentially also for this? - Illiterate is a modern concept. Until no too long time ago were the majority of the people illiterates. Can it even up to the heads of the society be that the majority illiterates still are in humane education now, too? Knowledge acquired at school doesn't arise by itself, we must learn this. We need schools for this. We learn professional knowledge in the vocational training. For what do we need humane education? This way we learn to become humane people. But we are already people by our birth anyway? Biological!

Our rebirth means to become humane people, it was already said so. And as what do we get reborn? Without humane education we are illiterates in humane education as humane people. We then lack more as if we are illiterates in school education. Without humane education, we are seducible in our uneducated egocentric natural state or we can become seducers ourselves. Humane education is seen just like school education at least just as essentially. Becomes the much misfortune of the peoples and of the singles also of the lack of general humane education perhaps anyway?

At educational reforms one is worried for much and forced. At which place is humane education at educational reforms? Are there education programs without a thematic mention of general humane education? Humane education is for some people only a historical memory of the distant past "humanism" or for "humanistic high school", perhaps for some persons on which would much depend.

is the humane mastering of our history, is philanthropic, peaceful with each other, the social and intellectual prosperity.

one can and one must learn of the nursery school up to receive the doctorate.