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Is this unique that with one word so much can say as with HUMANE? Actually it is a modern word. As a foreign word it is already used in many languages for a long time. In the newer time the foreign word turned worldwide into a very popular word in which a great wealth is: moving, touching, educated, philanthropically, helpfully. So are the experiences which appear to be humane and happen so.
How does it come that this value was taken into account in the education only few centuries ago, and then more for a long time still remained an appearance in the usage of particular circles or in classical literature, however? In the 20th century only after the Second World War this was more seen, said and more probably made come true where this humanely happens. It is astonishing, how long it lasted till "human" spread, was realized and appreciated generally. Is with this a great hope indicated? If “humane” spreads so and has arrived effectively lately, could be like a harbinger of humane modern times? This hope presumably is still too daring with various other experiences in our world and in our life for many contemporary witnesses.

Some decades ago probably few people would have suspected near humane modern times, also not such a speedy distribution and recognition of HUMANE. Perhaps this side of our history was noticed too little: The kindness of the people has brought together and got families, municipalities and peoples. There is an almost general kind one with each other everywhere in the world. By helpful cooperation much has turned out well. The cooperation and the identity spread more and more across continents.

A minority lets off steam in the against each other of the old ideologies. Apparently the old ideologies left more and more on the rubble heap of the history the shrinking violent rest of the against each other. The youth want over prejudices, over limits and differences come together and belong together. Straight of the attitude with the youth could there be more and more a global humane direction of the literature, teaching and learning. The time is past where one was particularly proud to be a German, a Frenchman, an Englishman. We are pleased that colour people, Indians, Chinese and many others learn and live with us now and us at them. The modern world has made all of us neighbours. All of us belong together.

This is HUMANE! This is good!
With so few words there can be
peace, liberty, prosperity
and also intellectual prosperity
for everyone.