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Where do we people belong? Very much depends on the answer to this question for us people. This is so already in this world. As children one has asked us: "To whom do you belong?" We then said. "Mom and daddy". Would this displease us if somebody as adults or in aging advanced would ask us? "To whom do you belong?" Too bad that this asks us hardly anybody after the childhood the longest time of our life: "To whom do you belong?"

Unfortunately, there also only quite seldom is this question: "To whom do I belong?" It is so that this question remains restricted to the childhood: "To whom do you belong?" Or shall this so perhaps have even a deeper sense? In the Christian faith are we people children of God. Actually we could the question our whole life "to whom you belong"? - answer so: God! This will be an answer of religious people. There really could be the esteem for this: "We people are children of God“ – is a philanthropic faith.

May one ask in the various kinds of history of religion so: How shall a religious faith be different than philanthropic? Or this one has surprised someone two thousand years ago anyway: "The Sabbath is for the people, not the people for the Sabbath". So that we understand what is meant with that, one may venture the paraphrase anyway: Religion is there for the people and not the people for the religion. Sabbath was at that time and there a perfect example for religion anyway. Also furthermore for two thousand years happened something -- as two thousand years ago in history of religion. Unfortunately, there was and there is also time related work of man in history of religion. From this many a faith barrier resulted. But the faith given to us by the heaven is not gone down.

We are having this hope left now, too: The sense finding with the faith has had us left through every obstacles and the sense finding woken up with faiths again and again: Sense finding with the faith is something like an original knowledge with us, so that the orientation remains unchanged for us, that we find this orientation again and again: We belong to the great God and to the heaven: "Our native country is in the heaven ". Already two thousand years ago there was this for these shattering summary about the chaos of the dissipations, summary for the chaos in the world history, the chaos of poverty, also intellectual poverty, for the chaos of against each other: "They don't know what they do you ".- "They are like sheep which don't have any shepherd "

Still in the 20th century there were with the world events of the works of man to millions of expulsion, millions of homeless and probably even more millions inwardly homeless. But we have this orientation in the faith for two thousand years: "Our native country is in the heaven." Apparently without this orientation we get homelessly also in this world and beyond this world. Do the common spiritual illnesses also arise from this?

"Our native country is in the heaven" - also in the life on the earth and beyond the earth. Without this orientation much is lost with us and for us, without this orientation we lose each other. So there can and will be a philanthropic world if we belong with pleasure to the great intelligence, to the great knowledge and to the great love of the great God and the heaven.