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A beautiful and popular word! It is more than only the expression of a joy, a consent. It is worthwhile already for this to think about it, what belongs to the word miracle - as regards content. Is there so much openness for miracles, as one of the frequent uses of "wonderful" could suspect? Do we rather experience a crisis with the affirmative answer of miracles in the modern age? Even in the religion?

This was told so to the religion -"modern" approximately: Who uses the switch today to turn on light cannot believe in miracles. Somebody could faith experience so: Use the switch, then be astonished that the light arose and then say: "Wonderful"! How the faith gets poor if there shall not be any miracles even in the religion? Does one understand the demythologization there and there that way? A theological help for the faith can be demythologization if the faith is freed of sense poor old or new fantasies which are barriers to the philanthropic God and to the philanthropic heaven. "The Sabbath is for the people there": Humane turn in the religion! This is part to the wealth of the faith to affirm miracles, with the wealth of the thinking and the knowledge.

Is it too daring to say it so: There are miracles everywhere? Only there aren’t any miracles where we overlook them or deny with assertions of our little knowledge. We have chances in the modern age to learn much. Unfortunately, we learn little with the knowledge contents about our knowledge, about the limitation of our knowledge, about temporary of our knowledge and about our still little knowledge - although of this the shelves are already filled up by skyscrapers now. This simply could be arranged by learning: Our knowledge is usually only a partial knowledge. Briefly, one could explain this so. "Everything is greater, much greater!” Clearest shows us that the universe: We see some thousands lights with a naked eye, with instruments there are millions or billions; in reality the lights of the universe are innumerable because we have too little numbers. This experience can there be for us everywhere: into us, around us and over us.

Our intellectual life, our thinking does not end at a precipice, where it doesn't go on any more, because there is nothing more. "Wonderful"! We often experience this into us around us and over us. We can this finding again and again: "Everything is greater, much greater". We often say to this: "Wonderful". Many people become impoverished in the faith because they don't believe in miracles, although much is wonderful also for them. But we can see and experience it daily how much is wonderful into us, around us and over us. This is an essential knowledge for us because this is the whole great reality in us, is around us and over us.