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The life is still very hard for many people. There are almost for us people a general prerequisite for joy of life: This is the general talent, the general teachability, this is the great reality. There is the great reality for powerful ones and for little ones, for riche ones and the poor ones. The intellectual gates into the great reality are worldwide open now.

The little worlds of the people were the main world in our history for a long time. At the great reality many people can already take part by learning now. It is also luck with the people if we have joy at our little world in the family, in the profession and in the native country. We probably should also more learn about the own world and which other worlds have an influence in our life. Probably there is even to learn very much to this.

We are guessed again and again to the little world of the environment. It is interesting that there is also a little world of the ideas. Even a superior strength of ideologies developed from this in the modern time. That we can become impoverished also by ideas has turned out at the ideologies in the 20th century. Is there something otherwise like an ideological impoverishment in intellectual areas? If there are about last questions, again and again the answers are often little worlds of the thinking. We should learn something also about this: about the little world of our thinking.

We often experience this so now at ours much present knowledge: Everything is greater, much greater. Through this one can be silently astonished again and again. So we also experience that much is too great for us to recognize everything and to explain everything. From the great reality there are with us people much ignorance, if we are not capable frank to declare our not-kowledge with intellectual modesty. The intellectual little worlds arise and last by seeming knowledge.
And why there are this and other seeming knowledge? Because some people think we could find an answer, an explanation on everything. For that we should come to this orientation about us people: We have a great talent, but we also have only a restricted talent. With our beautiful faith the unlimited talent is the heavenly talent.