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Perhaps think somebody: This topic was already often dealt! Often enough? Or perhaps too little? Why were there so many wars, so many organized, armed fights with the peoples, the peoples against each other? Were these really fights of the peoples? Where did it happen so that the peoples wanted a war? Sometimes there were atmospheres for a war, this was somehow organized under the people, and this was taken in the people. Wars were predominantly power struggles of a minority, of powerful ones on one side against another minority of powerful ones. The real opponents were the minority of the powerful ones. The peoples involved usually didn't have any reason to be opponents. Concepts of an enemy are power political propagandas, inventions of the minority of the opponents. Concepts of an enemy aren't well-founded experience of the peoples with each other.

Why there was and there is in our history so much power politics, so many concepts of an enemy, so much, oppression so many wars, so much impoverishment, so many sufferings and dying? There are again and again spokesmen who oppose against God and the heaven because of the much misfortune of the power struggles. Some of the spokesmen want to convince us that there isn’t God and the heaven because of the much misfortune for the people by the power struggles. What on the little planet earth happens, is no scale for the billions gigantic other worlds. Perhaps the earth wasn't discovered by other worlds up till now yet because we are among the many billions approximately like a dust particle. Can there be in this smallness with us a scale for the whole, for God and the heaven?

That there is with us people power, had to result the cruel and bloody history for the power politics from this? It would have been possible also differently and it is still possible differently: Power is given to us as responsibility. How can one say this also differently? Power shall find the answer, how this is good with each other with us people and for this take care that it turns out all right with each other.
The power struggles have the direction on against each other. At the power as responsibility it is all about with each other. Power can and shall be like a bridge to each other and with each other. Even this is possible and this there is even so. We should look and find for the traces and ways with the children and with the youth again and again to this side of our history.

The great philanthropic power of God an the heaven is obvious: There is for us people the rich and beautiful earth given as a native country for all of us. The great general talent is a wonderful wealth for all people. Power is also a talent for comprehensive, equipped with each other and not for hostile against each other. So that we make power as talent to realize this with each other, we should carefully look and accept the help of the heaven for the fulfilment of this talent as way to becomes with each other with the heaven and us people - for the small and great humane with each other.

We make participate with the knowledge of the heaven with our knowledge. These and other generosity there is for us of our friends in the heaven. Is power also part of the generosity of the heaven for us people? But not therefore that some others to master, to suppress or even to enslave. Power already always probably should look after humane with each other and realize humane each other.