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We would and shall be already reminded again and again that there can be wealth of joy for us people. But the rich ones are the minority in the luxury of palaces and in the abundance. But around the rich and beautiful earth are whole peoples in the plague of hunger and need. Yes, there is the rich and beautiful earth. We can see in the prosperity (television!) everywhere the rich and beautiful earth. These joys experience already many millions of the people by the beautiful distances of the earth. We also know that there still are billions other worlds. They sparkle in a thousand ways to us at every evening starry sky. Whether are also such beautiful worlds as our beautiful and rich earth and whether somebody is there? We don't know this.

Why is there the rich and beautiful earth? For us? No other living being on earth is offered so much as us people. This is already for a long time so. People can already use a great wealth for nature and enjoy of this since centuries or millennia: Horses are already early loyal friends of us people and various employees who are modest and intelligent, towering above us to strength. Dodges (relatives of wild wolfs) like to be our companions, fellow tenants and game friends of children. Cats (relatives of tigers and others) like this to live with us as ingratiating fellow tenants.

And what beautiful and useful the earth produces everything for us: In the depths of the earth are treasures for the prosperity of billions of people for centuries, for millennia. At these treasures one found connections and effects from which the technological progress arose there predominantly for us people or only for us people. In the past was joy of life more a dream for many people. We are already now surrounded by offers for joy of life in our weekday now. Many, many people experience now joy of life by the technological progress in the weekday.

Can it go on so? Can also the general technological and social progress get general at the now still poor peoples? The rich and beautiful earth also belongs to the poor people. The poor peoples also have the talent for technical, for humane progress and social progress. - Unfortunately, became an even more dangerous development by the technological progress: the possible political against each other. Such politics, also such world politics were almost natural up to the modern time.

Humane policy as a constitutional law, as an international law where should have a first place in the academic and political agenda about the life of the people, about possible joy of life for the people. Also in the religion and with the religion one could and must moving do his best that the joy for life which there is for the people from the heaven on the earth, is realized in the peace, in the liberty, in the social and in the intellectual prosperity.