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Where have we arrived after almost one decade in the new century? What is the hope justified with that this 21st century can become the beginning of humane modern times? Are there reasons for this hope? Unfortunately, we hear almost daily how poor many people are still on the rich and beautiful earth, also children. In some countries predominates as in the past more the violence than the right. In the past there was abundance in the palaces of the powerful and rich ones. Now has developed in whole countries a humane prosperity at the meal, when living, at work, when studying, at the health and at the leisure time. Is that the beginning for this that there can be prosperity almost for everyone? To this comes still the possibility of the intellectual prosperity for many people.
Until the beginning of the 19th century even school education wasn't a general chance. The general school education is spreading more and more now, confirmed by a general compulsory school attendance. Up till now an intellectual prosperity is a rare topic but there already is a poorly soundproofed attention for this. Humane education is often understood as a distant red sky in the past with cultural traces in the presence. But what is "humane" is appreciated generally. There is hardly anyone who doesn't know this earlier foreign word and values. Right state was presumably known perhaps in constitutional circles up to the 19th century. Today is right state in many states the constitutional, general recognized form of government of the humane progress.
HUMANE MODERN TIMES - there is something to be based for this hope. Why is this written with capital letters? Because this is a great hope. But not only therefore, because this sounds well? Already alone this name for an age of our over a long distance sad and grievous world history would be a language ray of hope.
We have the well-founded hope that we have arrived with the 21st century at the beginning of the HUMANE MODERN TIMES. Or have we arrived at a crossroads? Previous world history was over a long distance a crossroads for the peoples. The crossroads of the Saviour from the heaven lead to this side of our world history. Crossroads on the streets of the people world lead into different directions.
Are we at the crossroads now with the 21st century in last days of our history in this world or in the HUMANE MODERN TIMES? Why is there the fear from an end of for our history in this world? Prophetic forecasts in this direction are seldom noticed. But the militarily perfect total destruction power is repeatedly ready for use. These are worldwide threats for the further existence of the people in this world: Old and new chaos of against each other and till now inconceivable dissipations.
We can think now that HUMANE MODERN TIMES are possible on the rich and beautiful earth with the present wonderful equipment of the people world and with the talent for intelligence and knowledge among us people. We may hope now that there can be HUMANE MODERN TIMES with prosperity in the peace and with joy of life and with an intellectual prosperity.