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It gets still clearer, that a considerable esteem is connected with the word "humane" at this ours time. About what it is meant is this: It is good, it is philanthropic. This is part of the international modern enrichment of the vocabulary in the people world. Is this perhaps already a trace of this, that there can be HUMANE MODERN TIMES? Unfortunately, of the old against each other and of the results of this much happens yet. There and there still are wars, civil war, oppression and persecution. Also then one almost always hears of humane help which there is for the victims.
Where from does come this humane direction into our history? - For many an understanding the same is "humane“ as "humanistic". This then would be a language derivation of "humanism", approximately like "humanistic high school" ("humanistisches Gymansium" - in Germany: special secondary high school). In most situations which are appreciated as "humane" it isn't all about this connection to "humanistic". Many people who express with "humane" esteem don't mean "humanism" like in the past with that.
The hope for a HUMANE MODERN TIME is also so well-founded that many people these philanthropically good ones mean and want with that. Presumably the majority of the people affirm this philanthropic good with the word "humane". Is this completely new in the past so long against each other? The history has started with the philanthropically good ones unobtrusively at first two thousand years ago. Compassion, charity, enemy love, doing the good - this started at a little people with the great faith in the great God, to the great intelligence and the great knowledge of the heavenly ones two thousand years ago.
The encouragement is announced still and again in 2009 with million people in the Saints Night, which has started two thousand years ago, is the humane direction shown to us: .. "doing the good (to Titus 2, 11-14)". Now is "humane" popular and recognized. This has started as a faith and as a fulfilment of the faith two thousand years ago in the life so: ..."doing the good" Can these few words mean so much? With us people also this meaning has arrived and the word "humane" has spread through the centuries and with the peoples up to the millions in the churches in the Saint Night from 2009.
Certainly, also today some people consider, whether this is not only the word of an idea. This is a talent with us people that we belong together and hold together also as people and as peoples. And why we belong together? According to the beautiful and great faith started so modestly two thousand years ago, peoples are confessing now, we belong together, because the great God is the father of us all and because we are children of God.
Humane education is not only an old idea, used earlier to think some people. Learning "to do the good" this is humane education. Can this turn out well with all against each other in our previous history and in our life-stories? Yes, this can turn out well, because we have the talent to this. In our faith there is for the fulfilment "to do the good", for the fulfilment of the humane education the encouragement that we as children of God belong to God, belong to the heaven.