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What do we know about our consciousness? By general learning little or nothing at all! Many of us probably know the word "consciousness" as a condition if one isn't unconscious. Too bad that we learn and know so little about our consciousness. Apparent is more known about the subconscious than about the consciousness, so also this, how much and what happens in the subconscious. The concept "education of the consciousness" is already very common (Germany!). What and how this happens, about this we should more learn. One may say it so clearly: By "education of the consciousness” very much happens with us people and in our world, also much of our luck or misfortune? Our views, our behaviour, our efforts, with each other and against each other are founded and happen from our consciousness.
In our subconscious something or much proceeds biologically. It is helpful if we know better about our subconscious, because we get watchful through this, what promotes, hinders or threatens us. In our consciousness knowledge also ignorance and wrong knowledge of us determine our thinking and behaviour. Education of consciousness happens not only by specific helpful education: In our consciousness also negative influences penetrate, these become also consciousness contents without stopped mastering more critically. So an inclination towards the chaos and towards the participation in the chaos arises into us. Does so result the chaos of against each other, the chaos of the dissipations, and the chaos of the addictions? The inclination towards the chaos arises from negative influences without a critical mastering this and can lead after and after to the continuous participation.
For us people very much depends which consciousness contents arrive with us and remain into us. Humane education is the philanthropic chance that beneficial and helpful knowledge becomes into us for the defining consciousness contents. With us much can and will turn out all right, if we have not only a sufficient factual knowledge; we need a philanthropic knowledge for defining consciousness contents. So we will be watchfully and capably of promoting joy for life, handling critically with threats and seductions, living in a spiritual and intellectual health.
Yes, by education much can happen for a spiritual and intellectual health with us people. Much chaos arises from the lack of humane education, because we then do not learn on what it depend with us people for this to think and live philanthropically. Humane education causes humane joy for life by the philanthropic consciousness contents of humane love, of compassion, of peace of humane liberty.