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When learning we come from open questions on answers with again open questions. We people can learn so that intellectually new doors open us to the great reality again and again. So we are enriched also with practical knowledge. Particularly helpful is, if we learn orientation knowledge. This is often connected to interpretation knowledge; it can be helpful knowledge also so. -The ideological and propagandistic flood is usually based on humble interpretation knowledge in the modern age. By humane education there can be enrichment of ours learning, that we consider our knowledge in a critical overview again and again. We reach with our searches and questions then and when to the first, to the before and to the above. In the religion it is primarily all about this. The contradiction in the modern age however has got more intense, broader and more total. The philosophical, the scientific and the apparent scientific contradiction are popular. The contradiction is total in the denial from the first, from the before and from the above. After the theoretical abolition of the live first, the live before an de life above started at the same time an other first, an other before: the theory of the beginning, the development and like that. The theory is personified now and then just like in a religious declared belief.

With faith and knowledge together we cope more than in against each other. This orientation would be helpful in the faith and in the knowledge: The universe, the cosmos, billions of galaxies, billions gigantic atom works as suns, billions gigantic worlds in gigantic speeds and energies, the wonderful various lives from the origin leads to this obviously well-founded knowledge: This requires great intelligence and great knowledge for the emergence and continuing to exist.But where does the live world come from in the before and in the above with the great intelligence and the great knowledge? If this question is also furthermore open for us, because we do not have the talent to understand for the completely different dimensions then remains the most helpful orientation for us: the great intelligence and the great knowledge for the origin, for the emergence, for continuing to exist and for the development of our world, the universe with the billions of worlds.

We people can so much know that skyscrapers of libraries one can made from these. But we have only a partial knowledge of everything. Perhaps even a little knowledge, because the whole reality is greater, much greater than our knowledge in everything. Apparently all of us need this guide about our knowledge: intellectual modesty.