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One hears little from a general talent with us people, one hears from a general humane talent still less. How this comes, that the general talent was hardly discovered thematically? The "talent" topic is usually restricted to special talents. Is this view also correct, that the special talents are only variations of the general talent? Maybe this is like at all variety in the life reality?
Why does one hear hardly anything from the general humane talent? Does this lie at the common inclination to a pessimistic conception of man? Could the knowledge of the general humane talent promote the education? Again and again discover somebody, one should pick up the people in their life. There also is this experience that one something believes capable the people, also young people, and then turns out well. How promising can this be for the education, if the general humane talent with people is conscious to us, also with young people?
Will much depend on whether for the presence and for our future, that we make general humane education come true? Would this worry about our future have for us to become conscious more generally? Was there already such a total threat of the people world like now? Perhaps by cosmic events? But the planet earth escaped from a global destruction despite many cosmic catastrophes up till now. The mass destructions and devastations by wars were handled so that there still was another future. Will this remain that way in the 21st century?
With the 20th century the people world was more changed than early within many centuries. By the technical changes in the 20th century much got so interesting, pleasant and also philanthropic that one couldn't earlier to imagine this so. After centuries in poverty, in a lot of sufferings and in dangerous against each other with the peoples there are prosperity, liberty and peace with some peoples now already for decades. This really could become the beginning of humane modern times for all peoples? At all events this is for some peoples now already reality not merely a future dream.
Is there also these fears: In the 21st century the rich and beautiful earth could become the last worldwide cemetery for the people or for all life? This possibility technically was produced repeatedly and the possible execution repeatedly also organized. How could it come so far? Is this the result of the previous lack of humane education? This question is well-founded and legitimate anyway?
We have the general humane talent for a people world in a humane prosperity, also in an intellectual prosperity, in a humane peace, in humane liberty. So that we have a common philanthropic native country on the rich and beautiful earth we need the general humane education for our general humane talent.
The first decade of the 21st century is almost past. On the next decades of this century it will depend, whether there will be humane modern times for the people world in humane peace, in humane liberty, in humane prosperity, in intellectual prosperity with HUMANE EDUCATION on the rich and beautiful earth.