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Knowledge is a great wealth for us. The philanthropic progress in our world got possible and made come true by knowledge. This against each other with us people arose in the past and up till now consists of ignorance: "They don't know what they do!" This yell two thousand years ago in the painful suffering and dying is the shattering shortened form of many vague chapters of our world history and many life-stories. We have brought it far with our knowledge in the meantime. A library with all knowledge of the people would presumably hardly have to be housed in some skyscrapers. One probably would need a whole town for this. Does arise so that we know now, what we do?
Apparently all of us still must learn much so that the life gets more philanthropic in this world. Is there still to this too little knowledge in our libraries? Or we must find for all of us the philanthropic direction which brings us together - in the libraries and when studying. And why? Because the against each other causes sorrow, poverty and death. Successful with each other takes more peace and welfare. Knowledge for the peace and the prosperity is healing knowledge, cures us of the disaster from the old against each other. We get further with knowledge, further as if we stand up against each other with power. We need the essential knowledge of the humane education for the friendly and peaceful with each other.
We people live in a great reality here on the earth and beyond the earth. We only know little about the whole great reality also with the billions books of our libraries. Already with some knowledge we can learn reflection into the great reality over us. There is now for all of us the knowledge about other great worlds around us and over us. We don't understand why all this is so and how this could become so. But we can grasp some of this although this exceeds our understanding. And we can, with that what we grasp of other worlds, orientate us. We usually have little detail knowledge for the great reality, for the greater reality. What is comprehensible of this for us can become the helpful orientation knowledge for us, even if it is about other worlds, where much or almost everything is quite different than with us.
We know about the whole great reality primarily this, that there is the great reality. We cannot the whole great reality understand. But because we can grasp of the whole great reality with our orientation knowledge, hardly anyone says, the whole great reality does not exist. - Heaven is called the even greater reality than the whole great reality. Faith is this: We can grasp the even greater reality of the heaven because so much is equipped and happens in the whole reality with the sense of great intelligence and great knowledge. Much of the heaven is in these view and reflection everywhere. Faith is orientation to the heaven also with knowledge, orientation to the great intelligence and to the great knowledge of the heaven. The whole great reality is overwhelmingly great with billions celestial bodies, billions of energies and billions of speeds. So much of this we can grasp, but we understand and know about this little. At the even greater reality of the heaven there can be joy for us about the very great intelligence and the very great knowledge in the origin and in the continuance again and again. We have share in this with our knowledge and so our knowledge can become an orientation to the heaven.