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If one reads only some lines about this, one hardly can think further. Many thousands dead bodies perhaps within some minutes. Many, many poor people, many hungry children now under ruins or surrounded by ruins. There is also this on the earth, in the earth. Already some lines of the reporting of the Haiti from middle of January 2010 are a shattering chapter of suffering and dying with anyway poor people. How one shall think further if the intellect stops one? Why is there this?
The nature events in the earth can explain some people, but there isn't any explanation for so much suffering and dying with anyway poor people. Somewhere individuals or some people wanted to pray to this together. At some people it was a stammering; with other people one reached with sighs the continuous praying. Is at such terrible suffering and dyeing many a prayer cease or many a faith even shaken? There aren't perfect answers with or without faiths to this. How do we cope with this the objections against the faiths? If this happens with the persons affected in the bitterness, loving support can be cheering. Shall natural disasters become a precipice for the faith?
As modern people we know that the universe is always and everywhere around us and over us with billions gigantic worlds, which move around us and over us with millions of speeds and with millions of energies. And the earth moves also with one hundred thousand kilometres in the hour on the way around the sun and with two thousand kilometres at the daily turn in the hour. It comes since thousands, since millions of years on the earth of the gigantic atom work sun, that we receive daily light an warmth, where four million tons hydrogen in the second atomic use. Can we console the victims of natural disasters with that?
There are much humane hope and philanthropic help with natural disasters. But perhaps we can learn more humane precautions for nature events with modern knowledge. To this something already happens. Thus humane precautions still more turns out well for nature events, would realize more protection and safety like up till now, if one would use all efforts and means which are used in the political against each other.
There is a philanthropic development for the mastering of nature events in the modern world. Apparently we have for this knowledge and learning a hopeful talent. To come again onto the faith at these problems: The chance still comes to our talent for an effective world arrangement, that we learn with the great intelligence and the great knowledge of the heaven to live for more and more globally humane precautions realize in the people world.