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We shall and can learn much in our time. And what do we learn from the heaven? If this is only a topic for religion, then many people in the distance of the religion perhaps won't learn any orientation to the whole great reality with the heaven. The heaven also is part of the whole great reality. The plants, the animals, all other living beings of the earth don't need an orientation for the whole great reality. Their respective world is their environment. This is apparent the whole world, the whole reality, for them. We people can think about other worlds, we can look and find for other worlds. We have already arrived at the billions other worlds in the universe with our learning and knowledge now. Is there a world of all worlds to our world and to the universe? Does there is still more than our world and the universe? More than our world is the universe. We see this convincingly at the nightly starry sky. Where does all this come from and how can this so continue to exist with all the billions? This only could arise and only can continue to exist of very great intelligence of very great knowledge.
Why isn't this possible for us to see directly, to experience directly this world of the very great intelligence and the very great knowledge? All of us would already be overwhelmed up to the motionlessness at the direct sight of billions of suns. We don't cope magnitudes like in the universe in a direct proximity and in the whole appearance and to this the speeds and energies like in the universe. All this is just as overwhelmingly great or even much greater in the world of all worlds in the origin of everything anyway. The billions of magnitudes of the universe are for our senses and our talent philanthropic experiences with the sun being warm, with the beautiful moon and sparkling wonderfully of the nightly starry sky. We know more meanwhile, with our knowledge this is very great reality. The whole great reality to our world is the universe. What we know about the universe now goes beyond our idea and understanding. Already at the universe limits are in our talent to take care for us, to we not be overwhelmed continuously.
The universe comes from very great intelligence and very great knowledge in the very great origin, because this without very great intelligence for very great physics, very great chemistry, very great mathematics could not arise so and couldn't continue to exist. This world of all worlds of the origin and continuing to exist surpasses our understanding and our idea still more than the universe.
To the MORE OF THE HEAVEN there is the philanthropic entry of the faith to the great God as our good father and to the philanthropic angels as our good friends - instead of meeting with the overwhelming magnitude there is the heaven as eternal native country - also above and after this life here