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The earlier foreign word "optimist" wasn't at any other time said as often as in the modern language. It is no more foreign word with us; probably the present international vocabulary is thus also enriched. "You are an optimist“- one often says and experienced as recognition and as encouragement. Why is that so? The original word means: "more good", "better". In the past there was much more poverty and sufferings with the people, almost in all peoples. Did have hade only few people a reason at that time to be "optimist"? Perhaps there is to be optimists by the progress in the newer time more reason for the people?
With the faith which has spread for two thousand years many people could become optimists. Unfortunately, this faith sometimes was distorted by works of man to the own super elevation and there were still more sorrow and burden in the people also through this.
With this faith the love of the compassion came from the heaven for us people. The beginning was a way of suffering like already in the ancient history and also in the later history for many people, for a long time. The way of suffering at the beginning ended with the crucifixion of the rescuer from the heaven. Until then inconceivable love having pity came from the cross in our world: "The crucified prays for his murderers about compassion".
Against each other worked in the man world as a pitiless work of man with a dangerous superior strength, with retribution and with revenge. The crucified having brought the pity love of the heaven to our world and to overcome with that the superior strength of the works of man, the retribution and the revenge. The dark work of man with the crucifixion was the judgement of the high court judge from the superior strength, that the accused is innocent and that he is condemned to be crucified.
Does the thinking then of superior strength, of retribution, of revenge would have invented something like the prayer of the love having pity from the dying at the cross: "Father forgive for them, they don't know what they do." So briefly, so simply and so movingly starts the way of the love having pity.
And after this? Some went on just like before with works of man by superior strength, oppression, conquest, retribution and revenge. Unfortunately, some go on yet so to this day. But also the way of the love having pity goes still on and the heaven having pity is also is there. Does this see perhaps only optimists so?
It is well-founded and is worthwhile to be optimist so: With us people there is the wonderful talent for intelligence and knowledge to form a philanthropic, interesting people world with learning joy and joy for life. We can realize the having pity love of the heaven with our humane talent for philanthropic with each other, philanthropic peace and philanthropic liberty.