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There is with us a general talent for humane education, like there is a general talent for learning. One hears little also about the general talent for learning. By the present distribution of the general compulsory school attendance the general talent for learning of the people is recognized and appreciated over a long distance. Unfortunately, the general humane education is hardly a central theme up till now. There is this there and there specialized somehow with some or no view of general humane education.
If the heading here can be put into effect, it would be highest time for this, like it was highest time that the development and spreading of general learning started after centuries or after millennia in the 19th and 20th centuries. The people probably have already centuries or millennia the general talent for learning, but the people have for long time the general talent for humane education, too. Every actual humane progress got possible by the humane talent.
In world history there was more the opposite instead of fulfilment of the humane education despite the general talent for humane education for a long time. Would one have to prove now this that there are with us people a general humane talent? Here was reminded again and again which general esteem there is for "humane" now and how many worldwide readiness for humane with each other there is now. Why shall this have been different in the talent of the people in the past? Probably this would have been in the past just the same as now, if the people had experienced this at that time just like us. There are humane red skies in our ancient culture. Probably this is also the same in other cultures - little known ones to us so.
Now we peoples always become more the one international people world. We can reach an interlocutor at the other end of the world within minutes or pay a visit to a neighbour from a distant continent within some hours. Shortly after catastrophes gets help by near and distant from other countries. Is this also part of the equipment for our general humane talent from the heaven? Why shall we not believe this so? There are reasons enough to think, that there is with us people the general humane talent from the heaven and that there is already for a long time.Who try to find the traces for the general humane talent and who is ready to believe, that this is like all our talent a present of the heaven, will after and after with joy and gratitude discover this:

Humane education enriches the teaching, learning, the life.