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Where this does is written so? Nowhere? This would be very sad. But a general school right would have there be already really? This looks a little better. Since the 19th century have there been efforts around a general compulsory school attendance. In the 20th century the compulsory school attendance as a chance spread for the peoples. Unfortunately, there is not an entrance for all people for the school now either yet. Many of the poor are hungry or starve still, also intellectually. With the general humane education, unfortunately, we are not even over a long distance at a thematic beginning even in the education teaching yet. One hears there and there or reads something to this.
What „humane“ means, is very valued in our time. Many people are ready for humane help. A humane helpfulness worldwide is made come true with all peoples by all generations from the children up to the old age. With us people a considerable general talent there is for learning. Therefore can learning to succeed with us so successfully and also with learning joy. Unfortunately, learning in the humane education was recognized up till now too little consciously, although there are with us people a considerable general talent for this. All of us also need the humane education just like school education and professional education.
Is therefore much poverty, many plagues, much against each other in our till now often so grievous history because there were too little learning chances for school education, for professional education and for humane education. What was this like in earlier times? Learning possibilities were in the past limited on some individuals. This then turned there and there into a predominant minority. The people also so despite the talent for learning come off badly. For a long time there was education more in certain levels of society. A proof is the late general school education which started only in the 19th century and more then spread in the last 20th century. We hopefully are having the chance for the general humane education now at the beginning of the 21st century to come. For this seems highest time to be.
Can it like till now in the poverty with the peoples, also in the still continuous and common intellectual poverty, in the rearmed, dangerous against each other, in the illusory happiness of greed and chaos spreading now -- can it still go on like till now centuries or millennia? We apparently are arrived at the crossroads with the wonderful equipment of our people world - with a possible prosperity, also intellectual prosperity, with interesting and helpful technology, with worldwide communication and possible cooperation where the saving signpost points for the humane education in our presence and in the future.