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About the luck is often speaking. What do we know about the luck? Should we perhaps more learn from this, what is luck with us people and how this goes with our luck? At all events we should learn to avoid misfortune. Is perhaps most misfortune caused by people? In no case this impression may lead to the short circuit, the people are to blame for their misfortune or even everybody is to blame for his misfortune. People can get into misfortune which others have caused. There also is misfortune which isn't caused by people, misfortune of events without a human influence. It is clear that at our luck and at our misfortune something can be caused or can be refrained of us people. Humane education also could be an urgently necessary help for this.
Probably there is a general consent for this that it is philanthropic to play a part with the prosper and for the good welfare with our fellow men. Thus already very much happens for the luck with us people. As not philanthropic applies presumably: harming our fellow men, leaving them to endangering, lack of possible help and care for others. This already is all about responsibility here. It is also about responsibility whether we participate to something which threatens us or also others.
From this there is now we shall and heave to learn something. Why have? What does it turn out if we don't learn the philanthropic care for welfare, endangering and threats? How can we provide then for the youth, for the children, for us for and for the fellow men? The human life is more demandingly than bare existing naturally. Also spiritual and intellectual welfare is part of our life. We can and heave for this to learn something. This doesn't turn out well if we are driven unrestrainedly. To this there are enticements with illusory luck. Humane education can help us that we are saved by the impoverishment in the illusory luck. At first much misfortune creeps in with us people as illusory luck.
People don't get into the misfortune because they want this so, but often because they are enticed by illusory luck to this. How many victims have landed by enticements of illusory luck in the misfortune? If there is little or none at all compassion with the victims of the illusory luck, this gets so well-founded then: They are to blame themselves!
One should to consider how essential humane education is to protect people, also young people, also children that they become no victims of the illusory luck, victims of an avoidable misfortune. Unfortunately, there are many victims of illusory luck just with the youth and already with the children. For all these victims there could be the helpful humane education of the rescuers and of the saved ones.