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In our time there are helpful prospects of learning successes by "learning learns" and by research results in psychology of learning. One also should consider these experiences -- when learning: Learning with inner echo and with associations is more concentrated and more successfully. Everybody can test this without great effort. Actually everybody should succeed this.
One can experience this so, whether this is really correct: "learning by heart" -- ("auswendig lernen") one says in German if one remembers something. It is strange, if would say somebody to this „inside learning" - (in German: "inwendig lernen"). Perhaps happens with successfully impressing something like "learning inside". We cannot save lasting knowledge contents -- just like the computer: With a click many sentences are saved within seconds lastingly.
Lasting knowledge contents are "impressed" into us. This is apparently a demanding intellectual process. To this is included attention, structuring, short-term memory and long-term memory. The learning success then arises by repetition. So demanding is „learning by heart" - ("auswendig lernen"). At first „inside learning" is a strange name, but this has also a certain course. One can apparently save many repetitions because a concentrated repetition already happens for the first procedure. The proof testing at a self-experienced example probably will become an encouragement to further learning successes. Were perhaps also helpful to consider this? A sentence consists of sense units. There are punctuation marks for this. Sometimes a sense unity is the result without a necessary punctuation mark, too. When impressing the text of the sense unity loudly or quietly express read first, immediately after this the sense unity in the thought repeat, not only think, in the thought speak and in the same time con-read the text of the short sense unity. This yields three repetitions and an awaked concentration in one procedure. The variation of the triple repetition is overcoming for the boring monotonous loud repeating recite.
This inside "learns" is more variedly than merely repeated loudly recited. This promotes the concentration and through this the learning success. At the triple repetition in one procedure the first reading of the sense unity becomes the association base for the other two repetitions with one procedure. Lasting learning successes are successful associations, neurobiological probably synapses in the brain. The three repetitions already in one procedure and the association process are something like the inner echo of the learning success.