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Does there is a short and comprehensive summary in the variety all living being? Are these the two main directions of all living being: nature and culture? For what do we need this summary? Orientation is always looking for a summary, too. With our much learning we need again and again a summary. Finally can this become a summary to the orientation of us ourselves? With much present knowledge we and the people world are decaled as a development of nature like many others. Culture as in the case of us people there is so only in the people world. We people have to develop and to realize our life much more possibilities in comparison with other living beings. There is the great general talent of intelligence and knowledge with us for this variety of our possibilities. Obviously this is a completely different equipment of our life than with other living beings. The gigantic elephants or the sea giants of the whales cannot cause any great changes in our world. In the 20th century the world was changed more than within centuries or millennia before, changed with the intelligence and the knowledge of people. Is this the talent for culture with us people? Unfortunately, there is a culture concept at which it primarily is only about art, literature, music and like that. What mean the words: nature and culture? Should we simply ask about the original meaning of the words? (Nature: Lat. nasci, natus = bornly; born. - Culture: Lat. colere, cultum = care; cultivus = built on, neatly, derived from this "cultivatedly" = in a civilized manner), cared highly-culturedly. Therefore nature would be the born condition and the formed condition would be culture.
In distant past the human life was primarily also nature? Was the life at that time as in the case of the other living beings determined by operating the existence preservation, therefore also struggle for existence? The people learned after and after caring, building, learned more and more with intelligence and knowledge not live only with struggle for existence, also without struggle for existence. The people started sometime to learn to live neatly, humanly. Unfortunately, followed after the superfluous struggle for existence a superfluous and dangerous power struggle through the centuries. A possible last power struggle is threatening to lead the end of our history here in this world now with total destruction technology. A continuous against each other is not a necessary struggle for existence already for a long time like in the nature life of the primeval times. Up till now the destruction and the mass murders were limited frightfully but usually regionally by wars and civil wars. It always went on somehow over ruins and graves anyway. But the extent of murdering and destroying got heavier and heavier with more and more ruins and graves. The armament for this now can sufficiently be made a deserted planet with the wonderful people world around the rich and beautiful earth. ,
It is possible also differently: By humane education the 21st century could become the beginning of global humane modern times into peace, liberty, prosperity, also in an intellectual prosperity. This would already be possible for a long time because there already are the prerequisites to this for a long time: The rich and beautiful earth, the general talent for intelligence and knowledge with us people. Yes, there is a wonderful nature on the rich and beautiful earth, the wonderful general talent of the people for the culture of learning the peace, the liberty, the humane, the intellectual prosperity. And also there is this for us as a hope: The great God our good father and the father of the compassion and our good friends take part with the great intelligence and the great knowledge of the heaven. So we can be succeeded in culture by the global humane modern times.