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It could have been in the 20th century that a pupil asked the teacher: When do we learn orientation knowledge? The teacher considered but no answer came. Somebody has considered after two full studies at the university, what we learn about this, where we come from, how we have developed, how and what we are. In former time one used the word orientation knowledge seldom or not at all. Orientation was more a local concept, a concept for the traffic. Orientation knowledge could be a meaningful knowledge area for our education, for knowledge on what that matters that we know better with ourselves, with the reality around us and beyond us. It depends much of this whether and how we know a lot about ourselves and whether we know a lot about the knowledge which there is among us people and about us.
Would one then have to learn much to this? We need education help for the necessary orientation knowledge like also when other learning. May we hope that the necessary humane education takes more into account like school education and professional education and this offered also with learning contents of orientation knowledge now? With this education help we can get capable of finding an intellectual prosperity. This also can be helpful and essential to cope with orientation knowledge intellectually what there are as solid knowledge, as temporary knowledge and as seeming knowledge about us.
This is also included, where we come from, how we have arisen, how we have developed, where we belong. There is some common information about this which sometimes is dealt with like generally recognized and natural general knowledge. To this summary of the history of us people also belongs the orientation knowledge that of the possible many millennia or of the millions of years, up till now there is of our past an investigating story of only some millennia. The time before the history known to us of some millennia is our past history or prehistory.
Up till now there is only interpretation knowledge about emergence and development in prehistory. Ideas and names of this interpretation knowledge are often used so as if these were proved factual knowledge. Sometimes the interpretation knowledge turns out, without this is intend so, in the vocabulary of ideological assertions without criticism. For our orientation knowledge it is correct and helpful to treat the interpretation knowledge about emergence in the past history and prehistory with intellectual modesty as interpretation knowledge from the view of some people or of individuals. It would be embarrassing if from this the almost absolute orientation knowledge should get to refuse the view to the origin and for the development from the great intellectual reality before us and over us.
The orientation knowledge to the great intellectual reality before of us, over us and over everything is primarily faith. But the wonderful modern knowledge can just also lead with contemplative open-mindedness to the orientation knowledge about the origin, the development and continuing to exist by the great intelligence and the great knowledge in the great intellectual reality before us, over us and over everything