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How does this go? Reality learns? Does it mean: We shall learn the great, the greater reality? Or does it mean with that "the reality of learning"? The one and the other will arise with this topic. In both directions the thinking can be helpful for our education.
The reality learns - these are contents of much learning. These are usually areas of the reality, therefore more a detail knowledge of the reality. It is thought presumably for the topic "the reality" everything is meant what there is. Shall we learn to this also something -- and what? In the modern time is very much taught and studied about the great one, the greater reality, often without this name. At global knowledge and at cosmic knowledge it usually is all about the greater reality. This can be a chance that there is learning joy at this topic again and again. The great, the greater reality goes beyond our everyday experience and causes astonishments with us. Learning joy is a helpful education process. By astonishments about the great, the greater reality there is learning joy again and again. On the other hand learning joy by thinking about the reality of learning arises, because through this learning turns out better..
By the general school education an education program yielded after and after for learning. But learning is often more coincidental successful teaching offer. Probably only some learners have been lucky also with “Abitur” (German!) and with higher education to experience teaching offers about learning and also for the great reality. Can it be that this is a reason for many problems with learning? Somebody suspects this even could contribute to an impoverishment with learning. We learn much detail knowledge. Modern knowledge is just much individual knowledge, too. Why do we forget so much individual knowledge? Is this caused by overlapping of the information flood? The continuous and lasting information fits in with a learning connection (association) among us by our attention! The learning connection is the reality which already is there. This is something like an appeal for new learning contents. Apparent is the learning connection an appeal with us for new learning contents at the reality of learning and at the great, greater reality. This could for learning joy and for lasting learning successes are helpful to follow these traces. Probably many children, youth and adults are gratefully for more learning joy and more lasting learning success. Teachers, parents, pupils and students could play a part by the Internet that we are enriched of the intelligent reality of learning with learning joy and lasting learning successes, that we are enriched of the great intelligence in the great reality.