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What do we know about our prehistory, about our early history, about our past history? Little? Or is this at all other knowledge than the knowledge of our history with reports of contemporary witnesses and with this which still remained unchanged? Of the prehistory there is little or nothing at all which hasn't become stone and dust. Something is taught so about this that one could after and after mine that were knowledge investigated for certain. Unfortunately, there is often too little of the distinction with experience knowledge and interpretation knowledge. Therefore it is possible, that one uses contents of interpretation knowledge according to and according to so as if this were assured experience knowledge. This results also of ideological motives, sometimes also at seeming scientific application again and again.
Which value does the knowledge of prehistory have for us? For some people it is a scientific value. With that ideological interpretation knowledge will hardly be helpful. For general learning knowledge of prehistory could be helpful orientation knowledge. - Other living beings also have an environmental knowledge - a different one apparently. This is sufficient for their lives. We people have the talent to the orientation in greater connections far over our environment to in the universe and in to distant passed times. Our more comprehensive orientation is suitable for more than only for the existence preservation. With our orientation knowledge we recognize beyond practical purposes which sense this and this yields and how connected with that our life is and how belongs this and this together. Orientation knowledge can enrich us with reflection. Which reflection knowledge is there for general learning of the prehistory? We people have a long past of millennia over a long distance of many unknown millions of years in this world. We exactly don't know this. We don't know details on the longest time of our past. We don't know how our life has developed within most millennia of the past. Our present still little knowledge of our prehistory is predominantly interpretation knowledge. Something of this can be also helpful orientation knowledge.
Sometime in the prehistory people were there here. We don't know how this happened. In case of this question it goes on only with the faith. Is the answer then faith knowledge? We also can come with our prehistory onto a way where the knowledge of this world stops, where the knowledge goes on in the reflection on the great intelligence and the great knowledge of God and the heaven. With our little knowledge, with the predominant interpretation knowledge of the prehistory we are still very poor in case of the question: "Who are we?"
With the faith knowledge which is a primeval knowledge among us people we come to the reflection knowledge: The universe, our world and we come from great intelligence and great knowledge, of the great intelligence and the great knowledge of God and of the heaven.