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The end of the world? One used to hear this in the past again and again; one threatened also with that the people, who are anyway often frightened and bothered. In the middle of the 20th century after the youth years in war, in captivity and other chaos, a young man came onto the life way with the faith to become a servant of the compassion. With what is this well-founded and what can this turn? Is this a special way with the faith or perhaps a helpful education caused of the faith for all of us? Can humane education become from this for all of us?
Sometime in the past the longing and the idea arose, that our life, our people world should be humane. From this became the humanism and finally "humanistic high school, that is a direction in the elevated culture world. It passed again many centuries with need, misery and also intellectual poverty with the peoples. Humanism or humanistic school became at the bothered and the poor people hardly known. But two thousand years ago came from the heaven the faith of the compassion. So these have understood some people at that time. Within two thousand years since that time still again and again this faith is understood that way. The rescuer of the compassion at the beginning of this faith has announced that he has come from the heaven to save the world and not judge. After this and now there is still the faith of the compassion. And we need exactly just this again and again, still and now.
The end of the world? Unfortunately, the superfluous and dangerous against each other of the world history have produced the armament and organized the possibility for a total extermination of the people. This is work of man. But the peoples haven't caused this. Also this organized against each other with a lot of sufferings, dying and impoverishment weren't caused by the peoples. Some individuals which didn't want to be servants of the compassion but the masters of the power, masters of the conquest, masters of the oppression have caused this organized against each other.
Light of the compassion of the heaven appears daily at the horizon of our world. There is still the people world because there is still the compassion of the heaven for us people still and again and again. The compassion of the heaven was called in the terrible suffering and dying at the cross two thousand years ago for the people world. There still is our people world, because our earth was preserved by the great intelligence and the great knowledge of the heaven at the billions of the universe in the millions energies and speeds. There is still our people world, because after all this against each other of the world history and the individual stories we are also talented and capable for the philanthropic one with each other. And also this is a hope for our presence for our future: We are talented and capable of being servants of the compassion - the great ones and the little ones.