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There can be intellectual prosperity for the people and for the peoples in the 21st century. In our history has there been the experience of prosperity for the wide levels of the people, almost for a whole people -- only since the 20th century. What has started in the 20th century can become the beginning for a global development of our future. In the 21st century the development appear more and more to a global people world. Old wanderings and precipices of the past still become violently imposed occasionally on the present people world. The 21st century could become a century of the prosperity, also the intellectual prosperity for the peoples.

Like there is the beginning of the social prosperity since the 20th century, so an intellectual prosperity can arise for the people in the 21st century. For this worldwide favourable prerequisites have developed. If it is about education, one hears much and often the worry about the millions and billions which one needs for this. Much can turn out well for the intellectual prosperity also differently. Almost everywhere is learning possible just in our time. The talent of everyone and the learning readiness of everyone is the general prerequisite for this. For humane education doesn’t have much to be organized and invested first. Many people can learn and teach humane education in their situation and with their possibilities. Almost everybody who does his best to think humanely can play a part in the base for this.

We can start with the topic „learning learn". How does this go? Together we will with our talent, with our experiences and difficulties when learning find something out. From the topics peace, liberty, with each other and against each other result orientation knowledge for much in our life and in our world. "Our egocentric natural state" would already be a demanding topic. Because essential orientation knowledge arises in the context of this, one needs the help of the conversation leadership for this studying success.

Helpful "humane education" is possible with simple efforts in the family, in the school, in the various with each other, in the various conversations. The complete program is simple and full: Learning to live humanely. From the life situations with the humane reflection arises the humane consciousness. We learn social prosperity in the overcoming of poverty and by the interesting equipment of the modern world, the modern life. We experience intellectual prosperity by overcoming of the intellectual impoverishment, by the inner wealth of peace and liberty, by learning joy, joy of life and faith joy.