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When do we people ask so? Most if we get into distress? Perhaps this could be even a main topic for our education? This begins already in the childhood, if we occupy each other with that, what we want to become. Can this be that somebody has a request for himself even in the prayer for this question up to the advanced age? "Please, that my life gets that way how it shall be from the heaven." A reason for it isn't the desire to become a saint.
After the experiences in most decades of the 20th century and in the first decade of the 21st century there are many memories of what can become we people. There are experiences of the luck, of the sorrow, of success, of failure, of threat, of catastrophes, of help and of rescue. What shall one pray for himself still around in the advanced age? We have the hope left, that we can help to carry something in the prayer.
"Your will is carried out," many pray daily so. An old man prays to this so: "Please that my life gets that way how this shall be from the heaven". From this the knowledge arose: Much makes sense so wonderfully, so meaningful, so beautifully and well, because it is that way, how this shall be of the heaven.
We people can cause and change much high-handed, even much ruin. We aren't robots of the heaven. In the Christian faith there is the beautiful picture of the federation of God with us. One could say the same also: We people can be partners of the heaven. We can succeed much with our talent well. For the humane education this would be a hopeful education program: Become partner of heaven. Perhaps this sounds too simple and too religious for some people. If we don't have any prejudices against this, if we go into this with open readiness, then from this can become a rich humane education: Becoming partners of the heaven with our humane and religious talent, with our intelligence with our knowledge, this can become the start and the fulfilment of the humane modern times.
Is this realistic?
Why shall this be the main reality with us people: the previous history with all this against each other, with a lot of unnecessary suffering and dying, with much impoverishment, also intellectual impoverishment of the peoples? The man world is part of the wonderful great reality. By the modern knowledge we learn how wonderful, how great the reality is over us, around us and into us. This is a beautiful and great hope with our humane talent, with our intelligence and with our knowledge to be partners of the wonderful great reality, of the heaven.
What do we become? There are gloomy, discouraging answers to this. If one regards only the lives of suffering of the peoples as an only possible reality in the past till in the presence, then the old against each other with the present destruction power and with the present propagandists of the old against each other could indicate the approaching end of our history in this world.
The heaven doesn't need us people as a fighter in the old against each other. We are partners at the heaven in the philanthropic faith, partners in philanthropic education, partners in a philanthropic prosperity, in a philanthropic peace, in philanthropic liberty.