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Is there on these questions an answer which all of us affirm? Up till now not! But there are answers which can be a helpful orientation. Where we come from? To this we should know something how this was many millennia or millions of years ago. There aren't any results of a historical research to this where everything or almost everything of that time hasn't become dust and stone. We have considered repeated here how widespread is interpretation knowledge for learning. We should be able distinguish that interpretation knowledge won't to be dominated knowledge which excludes further thinking.

Where from? Where to? These are great questions or even last questions for us people? And what has to be expected from the answer? Very many! Won't we find any answer if we really don't can ask, can't search in very distant millennia or millions of years? Apart from practical knowledge by research and experience there also is knowledge by reflection. Some also can get from distant millennia or millions years or from greater over us and before us in and this was given into us.

At all life there are innate life events which are very meaningful intelligent: This and this someplace and somehow is meaningful arisen so anyway and then became with the living beings in given. Therefore is now innate. Can we find traces on this way to the reflection knowledge so? Can this way there be for us people a helpful orientation by reflection knowledge? Where from? Where to? Will the answer to this to lead, to insert our life and the reality around us and over us in the great sense connection?

We people need apart from much factual knowledge, apart from essential orientation knowledge also reflection knowledge because we are talented in sense finding and we are dependent on sense finding for our humane life. Do we come with the answer to the questions WHERE FROM? WHERE TO? in the humane sense direction of our life? We aren't only natural phenomenon of this world. With our intellectual life with us is something quite different than with the natural phenomenon of our con-creatures.
The world of the great intellectual reality, the very great intelligence and the very great knowledge of the heaven is in our world there as restricted share with our intelligence and with our knowledge. We are, with our intelligence, with our knowledge the near relations of the great intellectual reality of the heaven. We come from there, we belong there.
To this sense knowledge we can come if we aren't pushed away of the helpful reflection into existing superficially or vegetating. The heaven is also like a picture at the horizon of the people world, the heaven is also like the wonderful starry sky with the people in the nights. The native country of our origin is the great reality of the great intelligence and the great knowledge in the heaven, is our native country eternally to which we belong.