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For this question we will sometimes arrive at the result again and again also when thoroughly thinking: "We don't know this." In comparison with earlier centuries we already have much more detail knowledge now. But if it is more about last questions, we come apparently to borders for our possible knowledge. Since about two to three centuries ago has there been more and more detail knowledge by research and science.

Some people ventured the forecast by this fact that we will know more and more until we finally know everything. Probably this is more possible: Our knowledge always will remain little, measured in terms of what there is in the great whole reality, we will never know something or much with our restricted talent. This already is proving in case of some questions now and this will also be presumable so in the future?

Why is there the great universe with billions of suns, with billions of worlds in constant speeds and with energies in millions and billions, in distances of millions and billions? Why is there the wonderful earth with the beauty and the wonders of nature, with the wonderful living beings, with the wonderful people world, with the wonderful human life? Why are there billions of living beings on the earth? Why are there all the wonderful organs, the billions life cells in all lives? Why are there billions of atoms in everything? Why are there this and that living beings, the whole variety of the life? Why are there we people with this our talent of intelligence and knowledge? Perhaps some people have a fast or too fast answer for this. The question but often stays perhaps now or still for ever with such answers.
Knowledge is a great, a helpful and beautiful wealth for us people. Knowledge frees us from an intellectual impoverishment. Against each other with us people has spread in our history in such a way and has got so powerful because there was a lack of humane knowledge up to the modern time. - From the antiquity and for two thousand years ago there is the red sky of the humane knowledge by wisdom of the antiquity and the philanthropic faith that we people are brothers and sisters in the family of our father in the heaven. The humane knowledge in this philanthropic faith is love: God and the heaven really love, each other love like us ourselves, in the love for the enemies to end the against each other. With this humane knowledge is also this important: To be servants instead of sirs, to be servant of the compassion.
We are talented in this knowledge for this faith. With this humane faith and this humane knowledge we have also intellectual peace in humane intellectual modesty.