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We people had not first to invent learning. Presumably there was originally learning since primeval times in the human development. Learning at all living beings comes from the talent for learning. With us people learning also arises from the general talent for learning. Within the centuries and millennia before the general school education the people and the people world have developed by the general talent, by learning originally. "Learning learn" was discovered in the newer time. Now there can be much learning success by the general talent of the people, by a general compulsory school attendance and by the "learning learn".
Is general humane education comparable with the development of general learning? There are with us people the general humane talent also for the general humane education. At a positive attitude to us people one can discover much which contributes to this well-founded knowledge. Without philanthropic with each other there wouldn't have in the people world any humane community, would the people world presumably gone down again and again with attacking "political" against each other. Just the little everyday world of family, neighbourhood and municipality consist since the original development of philanthropic with each other, accompanied also by some shadow of against each other.
Unfortunately, there was no general humane education in the longest time of our history to the general humane talent. Is there this already now? In our time, during conversations to this topic one experiences, that everything which is "humane", is valued now. This earlier foreign word is also an expression of the esteem in the everyday language everywhere. Do the people feel, that it is good, to be man so? Is the presence and the future of the humane modern times coming now after a long grievous history in against each other of centuries?
Is the general esteem of "humane" like a sign of time? To the prosperity got possible for the majority of the people - comes still this like in earlier quarrelling Europe: State under the rule of law, unity, peace and liberty. Are these also signs of the time for the possible humane development of the presence and the future in the people world?
The earlier against each other almost could cause the end of our history in this world. This is technical possibly. Political this is to fear. The heaven has the continual existence of the people through all overgrowing, through all against each other, through various chaoses till in our time got through.
With our humane talent, with our intellectual development there is of the heaven through everything the way to the philanthropic one with each other and there is now for us the hope for general humane education, for a philanthropic presence and future - for a humane modern time.