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The design of our world was caused for the large part from works of men. Our world of today is historical predominant in a condition from works of men. We should more learn about this what has arisen and can be caused from works of men to recognize our possible and actual participation at the design of our world. History and tradition are also a tradition from works of men. Later generations have no merits to the good inheritance of the past, but also no responsibility for the failure or for misanthropic events in the past. Sometimes later generations can only with difficulty evade from the burden of the past. At first many a burden from the past must be carried to then cope with the burden.
With revolts will often crush much, too much - to then cause apparently a completely new, more perfect world. There are many innocent victims, much unnecessary destruction. Revolts are works of men in the old war tradition from the dark side of our history. The revolts of the twentieth century were something like the third World War with presumably so many victims and so much cruelty as in the two World Wars.
Wars, revolts, misanthropic terror these are works of men, the most terrible works of men from the dark side of our history. And one should also about this again and again be frightened for a long time that there is an ideological and propagandistic glorification of wars, revolts and terror. We may hope that there will be the human right on peace to the protection against war, revolts and terror in humane modern times.
Shall everything always stay as it was without revolt for example to the disadvantage of the people? Our world is a work of men often already been successful the intelligent, considered, humane change in science, at the right, in the religion and in the society. Unfortunately, it is too little remind, how many is already turned out well and how many can quite turn out well with humane education, with a humane politics and with a humane religion. The humane talent of the people was often recognized too little, promoted too little and formed too little in the past. This wasn't only so in wide levels of the people. Humane education was hardly mentioned also up to the tops of the power and the teaching because perhaps one knew nothing about this or wanted to know nothing. From this ignorance came much disaster by works of men in the past to in the presence.
Something likes romantic dreaming or a romantic longing of individuals or of a minority is "Humanism“ in the past. From this "Humanism" as memory of then dreams and longing remained up to the presence. Now "humane" is no more a foreign word, it is a popular and estimated word for this -- this is good, helpful and philanthropic. In the past the best works of men were the "humane" works - also without this name, too. Now we have the philanthropic word "humane" for good, helpful works of men like a conscious declared belief in the general colloquial speech . We may hope that the way is prepared also with that for the general humane education, for the humane modern times in the humane world for everyone.