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In the 20th century it has started, that many people, almost whole peoples were enriched with more joy of life. This has been the most beautiful side of the common education chances, the prosperity, the peace and the liberty with us and with others since the 20th century. Something came together favourably for this new, good beginning in the people world. The prosperity, the state under the rule of law, the peace and the liberty were probably also therefore possible with whole peoples in the 20th century because the successful general school education created a favourable base for this.

We people can learn therefore also prosperity, state under the rule of law, peace and liberty. With this we have the proof that learning is the greatest chance for us people. Learning remains a chance in every age, in every generation and in every people. The learning helps here also shall encourage, that we have a helpful way out in the information flood almost to all topics with learning success and learning joy: The arrangement of a topic short and simply as a successful learning chance; work out a base with this one the whole in short time repeated gets present, gets alive again; working out a base so that new learning contents find a connection, an association to the topic with the firm knowledge of the base. So then one always learns more and the in the past acquired knowledge remains alive and doesn't go down in the information flood.

With the "base leaning helps short and simple"
we have a successful help to the self-help
for remaining and growing learning successes,
for continuous learning joy
from the childhood up to the advanced age.