Curriculum Vitae

This topic is represented by billions in a difference if all billions of people participate in this. At all events billions of the people experience their résumé now. Is every résumé different from the other ones? Some of this is different at every résumé. Somebody considered whether there also is a general part at the résumé of the people. With other living beings the general part of the résumé predominates more than with us people. How is this without our share in our life, what there is without our assistance and determines our life in the human résumé? What and how much depends on it in our life? It begins with the birth! We can nothing decide ourselves whether, where and when we are born. If we are born is then much already decided with the newborn child? We can don't decide in which time, in which country, with which people, in which house we are born? Is thus something already decided for our résumé? Can also already this be decided with the birth whether there is joy or sorrow, peace, liberty, learning, prosperity or poverty in a résumé? Is all this predestined? This will nobody predestine for us, but these arises also for us that we get born to this in the start. The birth with us people is more than the birth of other living beings. With the plants and the animals the life is rather the same at everyone of the species. There are not such differences at their emergence as in the case of us people. The birth with us people is something like a start in this and that direction in which we can not in deciding. How much depends on this start? Very much! Whether and what we ourselves can determine at direction from start with the following years should we learn. Is it all about at our education that we learn what becomes with us, not only professional - how and what we become as people, how we get humane? We should anyway agree on this also at different religions, at different philosophy and psychology:
All of us need humane education, as an essential completion for our egocentric natural state and also as an essential completion we need the wealth of the humane education for every résumé to our start.

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