Education Barometer

Can one measure education? A barometer is a measuring instrument! We have got the political barometer accustomed. So similar there probably can be also an education barometer………. Is Pisa a knowledge barometer for children and teenagers and for school successes at the knowledge?

Whether knowledge becomes a lasting success does not only depend on the school. If this were so, then actually successful school-leaving qualification also should cause a lasting knowledge success by the learning success in school. Some persons confess sincerely how little remained of the Abitur or of the studies knowledge after years or decades. But forgetting is normal anyway! For what have we learned this then so with difficulty sometimes and were judged for this and have had worries and sufferings as children and in the youth with that? Should more be remain of this anyway?

Can and shall we learn more for the life instead of predominant for school and for certificates? Yes and this is more simply and not so laborious. To find this way therfore it is about at the learning helps here. Whether this succeeds, this cannot be proved here. But everybody can experience the evidence or perhaps the opposite. Everybody can "learning helps short and simple“ develop. One needs a not too big reference books, new literature and access and experience in the selection at the multiple offers on the Internet. The learning helps here have been prepared within some months of an eighty-year old learner.

Many others also can do this: students, teachers, professors, parents, grandmas and grandpas, ministers, and representatives, parish priest and bishops also. This result could take presumably an education barometer as a knowledge barometer at the called all: It remains too little of what we have diligently and often with difficulty learned. With the basic knowledge of “the learning helps short and simple" we can cache up so much knowledge and as lasting living knowledge preserve, that we experience lasting pleasure at the beautiful wealth of the knowledge education, at the enrichment of our education by knowledge education.
Old little Moritz wishes you much success.

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