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Are thoughts and energies matter? We cannot watch thoughts and energy material. The possible observation for us people is restricted at thoughts and energies that happen thoughts and energies in the matter, but we can not look, not watch at the thoughts and the energies in the matter, we can learn only the effect in the matter. Thoughts form as knowledge in the brain synapses, cause actions or reactions. Energies cause in the matter movement, power, radiation, waves, light, and warmth, -- we experience this, but we cannot watch the energy material. Perhaps this is the reason at the thoughts and at the energy because thoughts and energies are not material.

If this is so, if perhaps this is a knowledge which is part of the modern conception of the world, then we should take into account and consider this in the modern conception of the world. This also could be a signpost for us to the orientation at all the billions of worlds with their gigantic movement energies, their atomic energies, their radiant energies and an orientation to the intelligence which is necessary for the success to this. This even also can be like an answer why we don't see God and the Heaven. Our immaterial, not material thoughts are also reality, our reality, reality with this one we form our world. Immaterial energies are a powerful reality, the most powerful reality of our world and of the universe. We can see only the effects of the thoughts and the energies. We cannot see the thoughts and the energies because they are not material. But thoughts and energies are a great and powerful reality.

Now one knows, too, that energy can become matter.
We can also with that know, not only believe,
also know, that the universe has arisen and we have arisen
from the energy and the intelligence in the world of the heaven.

Intelligence and energy are in our world connected with matter, but also powerful not material reality, beyond the matter working and not captured in the matter and observable. Perhaps therefore at the energy there is even light speed, because this is the not material speed. This already creates at us almost simultaneity, like in the electronic communication on distances round the earth and beyond the earth. The electromagnetic waves and radiations really can be like something the unerring lanes in all the various directions and in million fold fullness, resulted from an origin by thoughts from great intelligence. Now we are again with our knowledge in the modern conception of the world with the great intelligence and the great ability of God and the heaven.