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One would have this discover already long ago that we have a modern conception of the world with our present knowledge! What shall this? This is of course anyway! The more our knowledge became, the more physics, chemistry, astronomy and much other intelligent knowledge still arrived. But one knowledge for everything together is possibly and necessary long ago: Without very great intelligence and without very great knowledge in the origin and without very great intelligence and very great knowledge in the course the great reality in the universe would have gone down in a gigantic final bang already long ago. Or the gigantic final bang could happen now at any moment within seconds. Why this?

For the gigantic energy and the gigantic speed of the billions celestial bodies must there be a very great and exact mathematics, must there be a very great physics, a very great chemistry in the origin and in the course otherwise everything would already have broken down. Have we this to illustrate also? Would be this possible: Our traffic with cars, with airplanes with trains without an intelligent origin and without traffic order arisen intelligently? And in the great reality shall this be different? It can be only in such a way! Otherwise the great reality of the universe would be no longer there. It must be that way today, because we are there today, too. And tomorrow it must be so, so that the universe and we will be tomorrow there. This is convincing anyway! What else does one have to prove for this?

We know it now, such things and such events like in the universe this is a very great mathematics, very great physics, very great chemistry. With us this is summarized with the comparatively few knowledge of it in astronomy. One evaded apparently with us for the very great intelligence in the origin and in the course with our comparatively few knowledge in mathematics, in physics, in chemistry and in others. Some persons even deny or fight the knowledge of the very intelligence and the very great knowledge in the origin and in the course with assertions from our small knowledge. This no longer a matter of faiths or knowledge like till now or in the past. This very great intelligence and very great ability in the origin and in the course is a convincing, obvious, reliable cognition for faith and knowledge. If only a part of the very great knowledge in the course which is a part of this very great mathematics, this very great physics would be lacked, would be missing or be cancelled, this could be our decline, much or perhaps everything would go down. But mathematics, physics, and chemistry this is science! What have that to do with faith? So this is a question into the past. To the belief with the conception of the world of the very great reality of the billions gigantic worlds with gigantic speeds and energies, with the very great biology in so much wonderful and beautiful life, to this belief and to this knowledge belongs the cognition of the very great intelligence and of the very great ability in the origin and in the course. We still must apparently learn this at the knowledge and at the faith. Or shall we further seek limited knowledge with limited grounds and look for a limited faith with limited grounds in the yesterday, to avoid the great God with the great intelligence and the great ability? Why also? Shall we further operate with own superelevation, this can happen also with science, religion, with politics with literature and recently even with entertainment, shall we further operate our superelevation even if many, many come just at this superelevation too short?
The modern conception of the world with the great God and the great heaven
enriches everyone in the faith and in the knowledge