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Why also philosophy? For many people, there is philosophy even not yesterday. Perhaps it applies even to a majority so: Philosophy is a foreign word, where this comes from and what it means is apparently known to few persons. And why? Not because the intelligence is missing but because they didn't have any opportunity to learn this. We just cannot learn everything! But all of us need philosophy and religion! This is apparently yesterday anyway? Many people are well also without religion and without philosophy. Is with this proved that there is prosperity also without religion and without philosophy?

But how does this go with our intellectual prosperity? Because this topic is mainly unknown, one also seldom hears that we need religion and philosophy for our intellectual prosperity. What is an intellectual prosperity? Without prosperity we people become impoverished. And without an intellectual prosperity we become impoverished intellectually. Unfortunately, there is social poverty in large parts of the people world because the humane, the philanthropic prosperity is missing there. This is prosperity: a humane and philanthropic life. Intellectual prosperity also is part of a humane and philanthropic life. The sense of many learning, which would be possible for people, is spiritual prosperity for us. For this one doesn't have or cope with any libraries, for this one doesn't have to make any academic career, there can and shall be a spiritual prosperity for everyone.

All of us have the talent to receive the intellectual wealth of the great reality. This is the most beautiful side of learning; this is the reason that there can be much joy of life for us by learning joy. And this shall be by mathematics, chemistry, foreign languages and like that? This can be! But now we are at the religion and at the philosophy. With that it shall be all about the great reality anyway. And the great reality is full of great miracles. These aren't ancient stories, this is in front of us, this is around us, this is over us, and this is also modern knowledge. Philosophy and religion bring all other things, what we learn, to the connection of the great reality; bring also us ourselves to the connection of the great reality. In the religion and in the philosophy some other helpful topics and some long-winded topics also arise and some topics are superfluous as in the case of much where people are involved. For this we shall learn to think critically also in the religion and in the philosophy. In the Christian religion studying in the religion is already connected to studying in the philosophy for a long time.

We people need orientation and integration in the great reality. Unfortunately, "integration" is generally not common word, but it is suitable for all of us and it means: find the contact, find insertion, find the meaning, and find the connection. Each of us needs this; we need this for much or for everything. So we come to the intellectual wealth of the great reality, so we find the open doors for us to the great reality. This is good for all of us, because we are protected from an intellectual poverty with that and are saved of the intellectual poverty. Religion and philosophy can become ways on which we find again and again, where we belong, where this and that belongs and how this and that belongs together. Religion and philosophy can be ways to our spiritual home, to our eternal home.