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94: Humane modern times Humane modern age? So with question marks! So it is more correct for many people. There are reasons for thinking with all of us about this.

95: What is education? To answer this question, one should write probably many pages and study something to this before.

96: Are we still Stone Age? Stone Age - this is sunken, distant past. But the far largest part of our previous history was Stone Age.

97: Education in the modern times Our knowledge is little about our origin and about our more distant past. For the most millennia we don't have much knowledge about the history of the people world.

98: Chaos in the people world There is old and new chaos in our people world. All of us have presumably learned hardly anything to the topic: Chaos in the world history.

99: Good and beautiful with each other Were there ever so many representations of love in word and picture in another time like now? Have we got happier through this?

100: The great other reality The history of our conception of the world is searching and finding to the greater, to the great reality.

101: Origin of science The great reality is the way to the very great knowledge before us and over us, the way to the origin of our knowledge.

102: Learning experiences In the last century a growing up boy interfered in the conversations of the adults with this question: "Why do you usually talk about the others?"

103: Learning success by technological progress No other century has changed the people world just like the 20th century. Does a new history start with the 20th century among us people?

104: Servants instead of masters Every man is a "Mr" (mister, master!) in the German colloquial speech ("Herr") and also in other languages. To be a servant has more a professional meaning, now.

105: Faith joy How are you? An senior citizen likes to respond so: "I am happy, thank you. "At this short answer he waits for the opportunity to say why he is happy.